I'm an agile tech marketer. Seed stage, $1M, $10M, or $100M, I know how to get results.

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Marketing is no longer a singular role for any brand that’s serious about continued growth.

We've transitioned from a role that largely delivers a message to drive sales to one that creates, nurtures, and transforms a brand’s image to achieve a wide variety of business objectives. Thus, marketers are increasingly assuming multifunctional responsibilities, ranging from meticulously crafting brand images to building teams and capabilities that can affect real results, to even troubleshooting for any challenges that crop up in due course.

Having a background in both tech and marketing has helped me straddle these responsibilities with relative ease. I get the ins and outs of technology and the universe of its practical outcomes. As I’ve watched the blurring lines around technology, engineering, sales, and marketing roles, I’ve had the opportunity to grow into a more flexible, well-rounded professional who’s as adept at building teams from scratch and mentoring them as I am at driving mature brands to achieve new growth.

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May 2020 - Present


Over 1 million users in more than 1,500 organizations worldwide rely on Signavio’s unique offering to make process part of their DNA. With its powerful mining, modelling and automation capabilities, Signavio’s Business Transformation Suite is a cloud-based management platform that enables mid-size and large organizations to understand, improve and transform all of their business processes faster than ever and at scale, providing new levels of business process speed and real-time intelligence. Its intelligent decision-making tools address digital transformation, operational excellence and customer centricity, placing them at the heart of the world’s leading organizations.

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2018 - 2020

LeanIX GmbH

I joined LeanIX in 2018, and led the product and GTM strategy for its data-driven architecture management SaaS solutions, EA Suite and Cloud-Native Suite, which enables organizations to make faster, data-driven decisions for digital transformation. More than 90,000 users across enterprises worldwide rely on LeanIX to manage their IT landscape, including Adidas, Bosch, 7Eleven, and Zalando. In my current role, a typical day involves distilling product attributes, business data, and market trends to arrive at the perfect strategy, positioning and pricing to establish vital customer connect and drive demand.

Our most recent accomplishments include being recognized as a Strong Performer in Forrester’s 2019 EAMS Wave, being listed in the Forrester Now Tech: EAMS, Q4 2018 report, being ranked 10th on the Deloitte 2018 Technology Fast 50, and closing a $30 million Series C funding round, led by Insight Venture Partners in December 2018.

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Progress Software

This stint started out when I was approached by the CEO of DataRPM, an AI startup, to work on two key mandates – redefining the company’s GTM strategy to position it as a market leader in AI, and to achieve a 10x spike in inbound leads. Capitalizing on and adapting my learnings at Dell EMC, I took to growth hacking – I transformed the company approach from outbound to inbound marketing, built a data-driven lead generation framework, and ran weekly growth sprints, resulting in an 11x month-on-month growth within a span of just the first six months and a 16% ($1.4 million) increase in pipeline opportunity.

We also achieved 75+ marquee coverage in Forbes and TechCrunch, Inc., 50+ Tech awards, Gartner, and Forrester recognitions, besides building a thriving partner and channel ecosystem spanning the entire technology stack. In 2017, DataRPM was acquired by public listed company, Progress Software, for $30 million.

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At Brillio, I was hired by the CMO to lead the SMAC (social, mobile, cloud, and analytics) portfolio. I conceptualized, created, and executed an end-to-end data-driven marketing framework with 360° visibility for demand generation campaigns and automated buyer persona management to acquire, retain and nurture customers. I also initiated an influencer video series to establish thought leadership, which, coupled with the multiple ABM programs that I ran, drove the company’s pipeline by 38%.

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Over here, I was in charge of leading the GTM strategy for Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub and Infosys Big Data Edge. Leveraging, building on, and adapting my thorough learnings at Dell EMC, I worked extensively with Gartner to build a unique voice and positioning for Infosys as a Strong Performer in the company’s Cloud and Big Data Magic Quadrant.

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Dell EMC

This was where I first started out. Straight out of university, as green as they come, and immensely kicked about being a part of a tech giant. As a member of the CIO's team, I worked extensively on the Test IT, Run IT, and SHOW IT programs, showcasing them at EMC World – one of the world’s biggest tech events.

Dell EMC is where I literally witnessed the advent of the cloud and big data, and got the opportunity to be one of the early evangelists for these technologies. From building the GTM strategy to positioning our own cloud and big data transformation story to leading EMC’s Cloud and Big Data Transformation Journey, I was involved in every stage along the way. Aptly, this was when my obsession with data was born. Interesting projects I got to be involved in during my tenure here include: