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Hi, I'm Anita.

I love joining the dots between data, digital technology, and the end-user to forge incredible user experiences.

I’m a unique combination of tech adeptness and product marketing expertise.

In a world where engineers are becoming increasingly critical to marketing teams, I’m one of the rare B2B tech marketers who comes from a tech background – which means that I actually understand the ins and outs of whatever technology I evangelize.

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I’m obsessed with data, and the value-generating technologies that run on it.

The extensive expertise that I’ve gathered in industrial IoT, cloud, machine learning, industrial automation, and Industry 4.0 via my stints in GTM, growth marketing, and product roles have primed me to develop a deep-rooted understanding of product development as well as end-user requirements. I truly understand data, and can deftly maneuver it for desired outcomes.

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I'm digitally savvy and revenue growth-driven.

I look beyond the passé micro metrics of impressions, pipeline contribution, and audience engagement statistics, and instead focus more on macro parameters such as core brand and business objectives (which I ensure are aligned) and industrial developments to drive pan-organizational change.

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